The 21-Day Slimdown

The Slimdown program isn't a diet, it's a healthy way of life!

Larry North brings you a new program for a new age: Slimdown America. It's a minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, day-by-day program, and Larry is with you every step of the way. With the Slimdown's Meal Planner, Exercise Guide, Restaurant Guide, newsletters, videos and more! Larry has helped hundreds of thousands of people learn how to effectively lose weight for almost 30 years. With the 21-Day Slimdown, losing weight and getting the body you've always wanted and deserved is just a click away! Take the first step to changing your life today.

21-Day Program

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Slimdown America: Larry North's 21-Day Slimdown Guidebook

21-Day Slimdown

Your future goals may seem impossible now, but they're not. Larry motivates you, inspires you and gives you that extra push you need to hold yourself accountable and stick to the program. Before you know it, you'll see amazing results.

Slimdown America: Larry North's 7-Day Sizedown Guidebook

The 7-Day Sizedown

The 7-Day Sizedown is an intense program that kicks it up a notch and helps you lose an entire dress or pant size in just one week! With step-by-step instructions and tips from Larry, you'll be amazed just how quickly the pounds and inches come off.

Slimdown America: Larry North's Restaurant Guide Guidebook

Restaurant Guide

Since many of us eat out several times a week, it's important to be able to stick to the program in restaurants. The good news is that you can order a 21-Day Slimdown meal in virtually any restaurant once you know how. Eating out can be an art form, and once you're good at it, it ensures success for life!

Slimdown America: Larry North's Cooking Guide & Meal Generator Guidebook

Cooking Guide & Generator

This guide provides you with fast, easy-to-cook dishes for each meal to eat throughout the program. Some of these dishes are quick and easy to make for those long, tiring days, and some are for those special occasions when you still want to eat right. One thing is for sure - they're all delicious! You won't believe they're low-fat!

Slimdown America: Larry North's Exercise Guide Guidebook

Exercise Guide

Did you know Larry can work your body in just 60 seconds? With these quick and incredibly effective exercises, it's easier than ever to fit a workout into your busy schedule.

Slimdown America: Larry North's Slimdown America Blog

Larry North's Slimdown America Blog

Want an extra dose of motivation from Larry? The Slimdown blog is updated weekly and gives you inspiration, thoughts and information on current fitness trends, insight on your weight loss journey, and some thoughts on how to stay the course and enjoy your success!